Class 9:30am | Worship 10:45am

We would consider ourselves very fortunate to worship with you. We hope your experience will be one of encouragement, hospitality, and hope. Here are a few things about our worship that might be helpful for you to know.

What should I wear?

There is no need to put on your “Sunday’s best” when you come to worship. We believe that God takes people as they are, and so we try to do the same; feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. You will discover we cover the spectrum, from very casual (shorts and t-shirt) to pretty formal (suit and tie). So whatever you wear, you’ll likely fit in.

What is the worship (singing) time like?

You will notice that we don’t use musical instruments in our worship. We come from a long tradition of singing a capella (Italian for “in chapel style”), and while we see nothing wrong with using instruments in worship, we have grown to love and appreciate the sound of our voices together. We believe you will too.

Will we take communion?

Also known as “Lord’s Supper” or “Eucharist,” we observe communion every Sunday. Sometimes the bread and cup will be passed, other times we will gather around tables, and occasionally we are invited to go and receive the elements from servants standing throughout the sanctuary. No matter the form, we understand communion as the place where all are invited (and welcome) to gather and commune with our gracious host, Jesus Christ.

What's "dwelling in the word'?

An integral part of our worship is a practice we call “dwelling in the word.” A biblical text is read, after which, everyone is invited to find a reasonably friendly-looking stranger (don't worry, this is always optional) and share a phrase, word, or theme that captured their attention from the reading. At its core, dwelling is a practice of listening – listening to scripture, listening to one another, and ultimately listening to God’s movement among us. 

Who will be leading?

During worship you will likely hear many different people leading in one way or another. You may hear one of our youth lead the welcome and Lord's Prayer. The worship leader (that's the one who leads the singing) may be male or female. Our communion time may be led by a man and/or a woman, young and/or old, new and/or long-time follower of Jesus. At the Federal Way Church of Christ, we believe that all are created in the image of God and no act of worship is limited based on age, gender, social status, or race.

What about class?

We have class for adults and children at 9:30am before our service. These are informal gatherings where we try to help one another think about life and faith from a theological perspective. We use scripture, our own experiences, our social contexts, and the centuries long tradition of the christian church to inform and shape our discussions. For more information about class, see our Small Groups page.

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