Parish Nurse Presents

Walk to Bethlehem with the Church of Christ at Federal Way

Join us on a spiritual and physical journey this Christmas season, as we all record our weekly activity and see how far as a group we can “walk” from Federal Way to Bethlehem! We are hoping to be there by Christmas Eve!

How to participate:

Keep track of your weekly activity, such as walking, running, or bicycling. Any measurable distance can count towards our goal.

Send your steps/ miles to Corinne each week to record your progress. Email to or text 253-279-2387.

Enjoy weekly email updates of our progress! See how far we are able to “walk” that week and enjoy a devotional or prayer included in each part of our journey.

Look for a map in the church building that shows how far we've gone.

Everyone is welcome to participate! Simply email to start.