Welcome to our church website. As a church, we believe that life in tune with God helps create harmony not only within ourselves, but also with others. And so we try to help one another put into practice what we think is the way of Jesus. This is the way of hospitality, love, and service. 

If you are looking for a church with a lot of glitz and glamor, you will likely be disappointed with us. If you are looking for a church where all the people have their act together, you certainly won't find it here. Even if we could figure out what that looks like, we doubt our own ability to practice it. We think part of growing spiritually is acknowledging (we would call it confessing) our inability to get it all right.

But if you are looking for a church who wants to extend hospitality to everyone, who is looking for partners in serving others, and who is interested in growing deeper in knowing God, then we just might be the church you are looking for. Why not come join us in pursuing the way of Jesus?

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